czwartek, 13 maja 2010

I like vm this teen drama Rebelde series, and RBD Musica ! ;> today this and only this is on my mind :)
RBD fue un grupo musical mexicano, formado por los también actores rbd video, rebelde -

wtorek, 11 maja 2010

Well, I think in general tattoos are considered less taboo in todays culture than in the past. At least in America anyway. (Some cultures have tattoos as a sort of rite of passage so in those cultures not having a tattoo is taboo.) Despite more and more people having tattoos in the US there is still definitely negativity towards tattoos. Some companies won't hire you if you have any visible tattoos that can't easily be covered by clothing. My dad works at Petsmart as a manager and has to wear wrist bands around his arm tattoo whenever he wears short sleeve shirts because it is against company policies to show tattoos. I have a tattoo but I purposely got it in an area (my shoulder) that could be easily covered up for work because not everyone is tolerant of them. I personally love tattoos as long as you don't cover your whole body in them. They are very personal for those that get them. Tattoos can be a good way to overcome certain obstacles in your life or make a statement. There is a great show on the History channel called "Taboo" and they have a whole episode on Tattoos. You should download it if you can. I think it will help. I don't much about piercings though other than the one I have in my belly button. That too is okay with me in moderation (at least on my body). I think Taboo also has an episode on piercings. It may be combined with the tattoo one though.

Trying with new site cool tattoos for girls

I try do do smth with this site of mine, actually I works on widgets, seems to not work propertly. :/
With my programing html skils it can take long time after I figure out what is what.
If you want to see my site and my problems plese visit : Tattoos for Girls
Ok, time for me, bye :* kisses!